The Nutrient Density Chart® (Softcover Book)

$76.00 AUD

Deep Dive While Off The Grid

The Nutrient Density Chart® (Softcover Book) is designed with the on the go learner in mind, compiling nutrition data from reputable international food composition databases and scientific journals into an accessible format. This book undergoes a rigorous process of research, including gathering, sorting, cleansing, collating, curating, analyzing, and synthesizing complex nutritional information. The result is an optimized presentation of food illustrations and nutrient density scores, showcased with exceptional design quality, making it an essential tool for those seeking comprehensive nutritional insights while on the move.

Ideal for the Active Lifestyle

  • Lightweight Softcover Design: Perfect for carrying in your backpack, this book is made for those who desire valuable nutritional information at their fingertips, wherever they go.

Built on a Foundation of Global Research

The Nutrient Density Chart® (Softcover Book) is supported by data from international food composition databases and scientific peer reviewed journals, ensuring accuracy:

  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): Utilizes FAO standards to deliver a detailed overview of food composition, valuable in various contexts.

  • Peer-reviewed Scientific Journals: Enhanced by contributions from leading journals like The Journal of Nutrition (JN) and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), providing depth to the nutritional insights offered.

Features for Comprehensive Learning

  • Extensive Nutrient Information: Contains over 1,500+ scores from the Nutrient Density Scoring System™ for 50 essential and conditionally essential nutrients.

  • In-depth Nutritional Content: Expands upon The Nutrient Density Chart® with a Degree of Bioavailability legend, Solubility information for each nutrient, Food Preparation Techniques, and Sourcing Strategies to enhance nutrient intake.

  • Practical Format: The 7.5 inch x 7.5 inch softcover format with high-quality gloss paper ensures durability and readability for users on the go.

A Companion for Nutritional Education Anywhere

The Nutrient Density Chart® (Softcover Book) bridges the gap between in-depth nutritional science and the practical needs of those with an active lifestyle. Its portability, combined with detailed content and a user-friendly presentation, makes it a must-have educational tool for anyone interested in making informed dietary choices, no matter where their day takes them.