Yearly Journal (Printed Book)


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Streamline Your Year-Long Nutrient-Dense Food, Fitness, and Wellness Tracking

As part of our Summit Tracker product line, the Yearly Journal (Interactive Printed Book) is tailored to support your relentless ascent to the summit of nutrition, fitness, and wellness. This tool simplifies the process of logging your journey through a spectrum of nutrient-dense foods, fitness routines, and wellness activities over the course of the year. Designed with simplicity, utility, ease of use, and efficiency in mind, the Yearly Journal offers a clear, direct path to optimal nutrition and wellness, facilitating a comprehensive log of your activities and intake.

Yearly Journal Features

  • Designed for Long-Term Tracking: The physical book format is perfect for those who prefer a tangible record of their fitness, nutrition, and wellness activities throughout the year.
  • Engaging and Practical: This tool is an engaging journal that utilizes pen or pencil for entries, featuring pre-filled dates for convenience, covering all 52 weeks of 2024, eliminating the need for erasure and making it easy to start tracking at any point in the year.

Scientific Foundations
This component of the Summit Tracker product line is grounded in authoritative scientific research:
  • International Food Composition Standards: Incorporates guidelines from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), providing a comprehensive view of food composition and making it an essential tool across various dietary environments.
  • Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals: Enhanced by insights from leading scientific journals, such as The Journal of Nutrition (JN) and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), the journal's content is ensured to be scientifically sound and highly applicable.

Optimized Tracking for a Holistic Approach
  • Manual Scoreboard for Year-Long Progress: Includes a ranking system from Rookie to Olympian, with a manual scoreboard to visually tally your performance week by week throughout the year.
  • Comprehensive Wellness Overview: Beyond tracking nutrient-dense food intake, the journal also provides sections for logging water consumption, sun exposure, physical exercises, and wellness routines, offering a holistic overview of your health and wellness journey.

Designed for User Convenience
  • Writeable Format: The 9 inch x 12 inch Yearly Journal is designed to be written on with pen or pencil, including 52 weeks' worth of pre-dated entries for your convenience and accurate record-keeping.
  • Pre-Dated for 2024: Each page is pre-filled with dates for the entire year of 2024, divided into 52 weeks, allowing for effortless logging of fitness routines, nutrient-dense meals, and wellness activities each week.

The Summit Tracker Product Line Commitment

Our Summit Tracker product line is committed to providing innovative solutions for tracking nutrition, fitness, and wellness. The Yearly Journal (Interactive Printed Book) exemplifies our dedication to simplifying the process of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, making it perfect for anyone looking for a record For Your Relentless Ascent To The Summit!