Brand Partnerships

The Nutrient Density Chart™ features multiple shows, offering brands diverse opportunities for collaboration. We are selective, choosing to work only with those who share our commitment to high quality.

For detailed information on partnering with Jordan Science Lab, The Cookbook Tour, The Giant Guava, TNDC News, or exploring a combination of these opportunities, please contact us directly at

Jordan Science Lab

Science-Based Product Showcases: Elevate your product's visibility through in-depth reviews and explorative content that captivates and educates our audience.

The Cookbook Tour

Cookbook Features: Highlight your cookbook, emphasizing nutrient-dense recipes and the philosophy behind them.

Culinary Tool Showcases: Promote essential kitchen tools and equipment that facilitate healthy, flavorful cooking, aligning with esteemed brands and innovative gadgets.

The Giant Guava

Final Prize Features: Position your product as the grand prize in our game show, offering unparalleled excitement and exposure.


Mystery Prize Features: Introduce your products as part of our mystery prize segments, creating a buzz and adding an element of intrigue for our viewers.

Feature Segments on New Releases: Announce your latest project, whether it be a film, book, or show, through engaging segments designed to captivate our audience.