The Nutrient Density Chart® (Hardcover Book)

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Deep Dive in the Kitchen

The Nutrient Density Chart® (Hardcover Book) for the Kitchen compiles nutrition data meticulously sourced from international food composition databases and peer-reviewed scientific journals. This process involves extensive research steps, from gathering to synthesizing detailed nutritional information into an optimized format. Presented through easily understandable food illustrations and nutrient density scores, with exceptional design quality, this book emerges as a vital resource for enhancing nutritional knowledge, especially designed for kitchen use.


Crafted for the Culinary Environment

  • Durable Hardcover Construction: Specifically designed to withstand the kitchen's dynamic environment, providing a dependable educational companion alongside traditional cookbooks.

Solid Foundation in Global Research

The credibility of The Nutrient Density Chart® (Hardcover Book) for the Kitchen is supported by data from international food composition databases and scientific peer reviewed journals, ensuring accuracy:

  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): By integrating FAO standards, it offers a comprehensive look at food composition.

  • Peer-reviewed Scientific Journals: Insights from renowned journals like The Journal of Nutrition (JN) and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) contribute to the depth and reliability of the information.

Key Features for Enhanced Learning

  • Wide-ranging Nutrient Coverage: Showcases over 1,500+ scores from the Nutrient Density Scoring System™ across 50 essential and conditionally essential nutrients.

  • Additional Nutritional Information: Beyond the basics, it includes a Degree of Bioavailability legend, Solubility details for each nutrient, Food Preparation Techniques, and Sourcing Strategies to improve nutrient intake.

  • High-Quality Format: Presented in a 10 inch x 10 inch hardcover format with gloss paper, balancing durability with ease of reading.

Bridging Nutrition Science and Culinary Arts

The Nutrient Density Chart® (Hardcover Book) for the Kitchen is an indispensable guide for those keen on integrating scientific nutrition insights into everyday cooking. Its quality construction and comprehensive content make it an essential addition to any kitchen, bridging the gap between complex nutritional data and practical culinary application.