Our Deep Dive Products are based on meticulously sourced nutrition data from credible international food composition databases and reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our approach involves extensive research, gathering, sorting, cleansing, collating, curating, analyzing, and synthesizing this detailed and complex information into the most optimized format achievable with easily understandable infographics and nutrient density scores, all presented with exceptional design quality. This methodology ensures that our products stand as an invaluable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of nutrition.
The Nutrient Density Chart® Gives You:
- Nutrition map of 50 essential nutrients
- 1,500+ Nutrient Density Power Score™ data points
- Rankings of nutrient-dense food sources per nutrient
- Top 100 overall most nutrient-dense foods list
- Tool for identifying dietary gaps
- Enables personalized diet and meal planning
- Alternative to Food Pyramid/MyPlate
- Focus on real, natural nutrients; no synthetic nutrients