The Nutrient Density Chart® (Digital Chart)

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Deep Dive With Your Own PDF

The Nutrient Density Chart® (Digital Chart) is developed from comprehensive nutrition data, sourced from reputable international food composition databases and peer-reviewed scientific journals. This process involves extensive research, including gathering, sorting, cleansing, collating, curating, analyzing, and synthesizing complex nutritional information. The result is an optimized format featuring understandable food illustrations and nutrient density scores, presented with high design quality. This approach makes our digital chart a valuable tool for those interested in nutrition.


Your Digital Nutritional Reference

  • Digital Download PDF: This is the digital version of our flagship product, available for use across all devices. It serves as an educational tool, offering a convenient way to access nutritional information.

Grounded in Authoritative Research

The Nutrient Density Chart® (Digital Chart) is supported by data from international food composition databases and scientific peer reviewed journals, ensuring accuracy:

  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): Incorporating FAO standards, the chart provides a detailed view of food composition.

  • Peer-reviewed Scientific Journals: Contributions from leading journals, including The Journal of Nutrition (JN) and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), enhance the chart’s depth.

Features Overview

  • Comprehensive Data: Features over 1,500+ scores from the Nutrient Density Scoring System™ and a listing of 50 essential and conditionally essential nutrients.

  • Secure PDF Format: The chart is provided as a secure Adobe PDF intended for personal use, with a limit of up to ten (10) downloads. Editing and printing are restricted to maintain content integrity and copyright compliance.

  • Terms of Use: Purchasing this chart indicates acceptance of terms, including not sharing, distributing, or reselling the chart.

Nutritional Information at Your Convenience

The Nutrient Density Chart® (Digital Chart) provides a comprehensive and accessible way to engage with nutritional data. Designed for health enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone interested in nutrition, this digital chart is a resource for informed dietary decisions, supported by rigorous research and presented in a user-friendly format.