Weekly Tracker (Digital Chart)

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Streamline Your Nutrient-Dense Food Tracking with Minimal Effort
Part of our Summit Tracker product line, the Weekly Tracker (Digital Chart) is crafted to enhance the tracking and intake of nutrient-dense foods. Designed with practicality, utility, ease of use, and efficiency in mind, this chart transforms the incorporation of diverse nutrient-dense foods into your daily meals into a straightforward process. As an interactive PDF, it offers a clear, direct path to optimal nutrition, accessible on any device.

Digital Chart Features
  • Versatile Use Across Settings: Provided as a digital download PDF ensuring universal ownership and accessibility on any device.
  • Interactive and User-Friendly Design: This digital chart is interactive, allowing for mouse clicks, making the tracking of nutrient-dense foods straightforward and engaging.

Scientific Foundations
This component of the Summit Tracker product line is firmly based on credible scientific research:
  • International Food Composition Standards: Incorporates guidelines from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to deliver comprehensive insights into nutrient-dense food compositions, making it an invaluable tool across various environments.
  • Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals: Bolstered by research from respected publications such as The Journal of Nutrition (JN) and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), ensuring the chart's recommendations are scientifically sound.

Optimized Tracking for Nutrient-Dense Eating
  • Dynamic Auto-Calculating Scoreboard: Features a ranking system with levels including Rookie, Amateur, Professional, Champion, and Olympian, each designed to visually tally your performance for the week.
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Management: Beyond mere food tracking, the chart also includes sections for tracking water intake, sun exposure, physical activities, and wellness routines, providing a holistic picture of your nutrient management efforts with minimal effort.

Designed for Convenience
  • Secure Digital Format: The chart is provided as a secure Adobe PDF intended for personal use, with up to ten (10) downloads. Editing and printing are disabled to maintain the integrity of the content and ensure compliance with copyright laws.
  • Adobe Acrobat Requirement: Requires Adobe Acrobat for support of auto calculations with a dynamic scoreboard, ensuring a seamless tracking experience.

The Summit Tracker Product Line Commitment
Our Summit Tracker product line is dedicated to offering innovative solutions for nutrient-dense food tracking. The Weekly Tracker (Digital Chart) is a testament to our commitment to simplifying the process of enhancing your diet with nutrient-dense foods, making it ideal for anyone seeking to improve the quality of their food intake efficiently and effectively.