The Nutrient Density Chart®

Is my body getting all the nutrients it needs?

We researched all the essential and conditionally essential nutrients and landed on 50.

We searched the globe for the most accurate data and discovered hundreds of food composition databases.

But wait... nutrient absorption varies by food source!

So, we researched thousands of peer-reviewed journals on bioavailability.

This took 7 years of full-time research.

Now, we have the world's best nutrient density and bioavailability data for you at a fraction of the cost.

Mobile eBook

We have a mobile version of The Nutrient Density Chart® for on-the-go reference.

The Nutrient Density Tracker™

How do I keep track of everything I need to do for nutrition, fitness, and wellness?

We created 20 new food groups to help you get all your essential nutrients from real food.

To optimize nutrient absorption, we included food preparation techniques.

To optimize nutrient quality, we included food sourcing strategies.

Fitness is critical, so we included cardio, resistance, flexibility, and breathing exercises.

We also considered things like hot saunas, cold plunges, nature time, and even bone broth.

Now we have everything you need to do in one spot, one view, one checklist.